Fabric Embedded, What Is It And Why Should I Care!

About Conklin the company that produces and invented the Fabric Embedded roofing system we use.

About Fabric Embedded Roofing Systems

Spray Fabric Embeded Roofs Are.....

  • Installed by Trained Conklin Contractors
  • Extremely Heating and Cooling Efficient
  • Green
  • Energy Efficient
  • Seamless
  • Sustainable
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra Resistant to Hail

Fabric Embedded, Liquid Applied Roofing System on Steroids.

As every commercial building owner knows, heating and cooling a large building can be quite costly and the prices continue to rise. With uncertain energy prices and unpredictable global markets you need all the help you can get. Enter Fabric Embedded an upgraded version of the highly popular Liquid Applied Membrane Roofing System from Conklin (often referred to as the MR System). Fabric Embedded is a Liquid Applied Membrane with a Polyester or Kevlar fabric rolled into the base layer. Primer is applied first followed by a layer of top coat. While this top coat layer is still wet a sheet of fabric is unrolled on top of the fresh coating. The full surface of the fabric is pressed and rolled into the surface guaranteeing a complete bond with the roof. Additional layers of Liquid Membrane are applied on top of the fabric as the final top coat. This lightweight yet extraordinarily tough roofing system is extremely resistant to any type of tearing or de-lamination from the surface it is applied to. Conklin Fabric Embedded Roofng System is a highly reflective roofing system unlike anything else out there. Fabric Embedded Systems turn a ugly leaky roof into a clean “green” energy efficient roof. This white reflective roof can be applied over most structurally sound, properly fastened surfaces.

Conklin Fabric Embedded Roofing System is a 4 part system.

Layer #1 After appropriate cleaning Conklin primer is applied to ensure proper surface adhesion. 

Layer #2 Conklin Acrylic Elastomeric base coat.

Layer #3 Polyester or Kevlar fabric is rolled into the freshly applied base coat.

Layer #4 Conklin White Acrylic Elastomeric final top coat.

Conklin Fabric Embedded Roofing Systems offer such high energy savings that they normally pay for themselves (through energy savings) in 7 year or less. In extreme cases some building owners have reported breaking even in 4.5-5 years. Fabric Embedded Roofing Systems can be installed over many types of existing roofs. This keeps roofing material out of landfills and since a tear-off is unnecessary, your business can continue to function like normal. The Fabric Embedded Roofing System is light weight and extremely tough. With its ultra light weight and low profile Fabric Embedded Roofing Systems can (with a few exceptions) be installed over the existing roof without overloading the structural capacity ratings. Fabric Embedded Roofing Systems have the benefit of added protection, all but the most severe damage will be stopped by the fabric re-enforcement. Fabric Embedded Roofing Systems can be re-coated nearly indefinitely so long as the re-coat is installed before the end of the warranty.

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About Conklin

Started in 1977 Conklin was the first Roofing System manufacturer to begin producing acrylic liquid applied membrane roofing systems. These acrylic products offered superior protection and efficiency gains. To this day Conklin remains committed to perfecting an ever expanding lineup of revolutionary roofing systems. As a result of this dedication Conklin continues to be the largest by volume producer of acrylic liquid applied membrane roof systems. Conklin’s top products meet and often exceed the most stringent standards of code approvals and fire resistance.

No matter what your roofing needs are we have a product or system to meet it. Call us today for a roof inspection and quote. The Best Time To Fix A Roof Is Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Typically our leak free warranties range from 10-18 years. These warranties are renewable simply by applying a maintenance layer of our liquid applied membrane before the existing warranty period expires. When properly maintained a building with a Conklin Roofing System should never require a tear-off and new roof.

Our roofing systems only require tear-off when a specific area is so deteriorated than it is structurally unfit. Requiring a tear-off is by far the exception and not the norm, because of this the disruption to your daily business is very minimal or non existent. In the rare event of a disruption to your business we will work to minimize the disruption as much as possible.In all other cases your business can continue to function normally during our install or restoration.
Each and every Conklin roofing system is a brilliant white reflecting 85% or more of radiant heat and UV rays from the sun. Conklin roofs reflect heat-energy instead of absorbing it which translates into incredible cooling cost reductions. Many commercial building owners see greatly reduced cooling costs throughout the summer. Our different types of foam roofing systems provide additional energy saving during cold weather with additional insulation(R-Value).

Many of our Conklin roofing systems have a certified class 4 rating. This is the highest hail rating, this means they can withstand the impact from large hail

This is quite simple, a Conklin Roof is not a single product. A Conklin Roof is a complete system with multiple Conklin products each working together.  The Quality of our products used is just the beginning of it another key in the long life expectancy of our roofing systems is the key word “systems”. All our roof systems are designed to have added protection in the most critical areas of your roof making them withstand against the harsh elements of weather.

Metal Roof Restoration

A seamless Metal Roof Restoration like this often carries a 12 year leak proof warranty and with proper maintenance can be refinished almost indefinitely.


Fluid Applied Membrane

Our Conklin Fluid Applied Membrane can be applied to nearly any roofing surface or contour.


Foam & Coating

Spray Polyurethane Foam with Liquid Applied Membrane is the highest class of roofing available. It’s white top layer reflects radiant heat while the closed cell foam provides superior insulation in summer and winter.


Epdm Restoration

EPDM roofs can even be restored with our EPDM compatible Restoration System. Keep roofing materials out of the landfills and avoid interruptions to your business by restoring your EPDM Roof.

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