Metal Roof Restoration (MR), What Is It And What Can it Do For You!

About Conklin, the company that invented and produces the MRR System we use.

About Metal Roof Restoration Systems

Metal Roof Restoration Is.....

  • Installed by Trained Conklin Contractors
  • Extremely Reflective Increasing Cooling Efficiency
  • Renewable Green
  • Energy Efficient
  • Seamless
  • Sustainable
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra Resistant to Hail
  • Non Prorated Warranty’s Available

Metal Roofing Restoration, The Ultimate System To Renew Old Roofs

Metal Roofs are everywhere. In fact, if you are reading this, chances are you have one on a building you own. Let’s be real; metal roofing works great if the roof has a decent pitch to it. Pitch, meaning the angle of the roof. The greater the pitch, the steeper the roof. A steep metal roof sheds water quickly and effortlessly, with new metal carrying long warranties. But commercial metal roofing is a totally different story. Commercial metal roofs fall into the low slope category with an average pitch of 1-2′ of rise per 12′ of length (measured from peak to eave). Compare that to 7-12′ in 12′ commonly found on residential roofs. A low slope roof like this does not drain easily, and in heavy downpours, water cannot run away quickly enough. Each sheet of metal is glued to the next one, with likely the cheapest butyl tape available at the time. Each year the butyl tape degrades. Heating expansion and cooling contractions loosen the roof fasteners and pull joints apart. Soon what seemed to be a good roof is leaking like a sieve. We’ve got a Solution!

Enter Conklin Metal Roofing Restoration, a multi-product, metal roofing restoration unlike any other. Our system is a white liquid applied membrane, with fabric re-enforcement on all joints and seams. This restoration system is available with a warranty of up to 18 years (non prorated). This warranty can be renewed almost indefinitely by re-coating the roof before the warranty expires. Since every fastener in a roof is a potential leak, we tighten each fastener on the entire roof, replacing them as necessary. Each fastener is then topped with an approx. 1″ application of Conklin Quick Caulk. This application of caulk protects both the crew and the coating, guarantying an efficient leak-free roof. Conklin’s metal roof restoration is a completely seamless coating without any vulnerable seams. Conklin’s white roofing systems have been tested and proven to reduce roof surface temperature drastically. A cooler roof means your building will stay cooler by up to 30%. This is a huge reduction in load placed on the AC system. With our cool white roofing system, you can enjoy knowing that not only will this roof pay for its self before the warranty expires but that you have helped benefit the environment. Call us today and ask about our complimentary roofing inspection and consultation. The Best Time To Fix A Roof Is Now!

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About Conklin Acrylic Elastomeric Products

In 1977, Conklin invented acrylic elastomeric liquid applied membrane roofing systems. That same year, Conklin became the first roofing manufacturer to produce this new generation of roofing. Conklin acrylic roofing systems offer the best in class protection and energy efficiency gains. To this day, Conklin remains committed to perfecting an ever-expanding lineup of revolutionary roofing systems. As a result of this dedication, Conklin continues to rank among the largest by volume producers of acrylic liquid applied membrane roof systems. 100% of Conklin roofing products/systems are proudly made here in the USA. Conklin’s top products meet and often exceed the most stringent standards of code approvals and fire resistance.

We have a product or system to meet every roofing need you have. Call us today for a roof inspection and quote. The Best Time To Fix A Roof Is Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Conklin roofing systems are a brilliant white, reflecting 85% or more of radiant heat and UV rays from the sun. Conklin roofs reflect heat-energy instead of absorbing it.  As a result, many commercial building owners see greatly reduced cooling costs throughout the summer. Our different types of foam roofing systems also provide energy savings during cold weather, due to the additional insulation(R-Value) of the foam.


This is quite simple.  “Systems” is the key to long life expectancy.  The quality of our products, is just the beginning.  A Conklin Roof is not a single product. It is a complete system with multiple Conklin products each working together.  All Conklin Roofing Systems have extra reinforcement built into the most critical and vulnerable areas. The inclusion of this extra protection guarantees the roof will not fail prematurely and can shrug off even the harshest environment.

Our roofing systems only require tear-off when a specific area is so deteriorated that it is structurally unfit. Requiring a tear-off is by far the exception and not the norm, which means the disruption to your daily business is very minimal or non existent. In the rare event of a disruption to your business, we will work to minimize it as much as possible. In all other cases, your business can continue to function normally during the install or restoration.

Typically our leak free warranties range from 10-18 years. These warranties are renewable, simply by applying a maintenance layer of our liquid applied membrane before the existing warranty period expires. When properly maintained a building with a Conklin Roofing System should never require a tear-off and new roof.

Many of our Conklin roofing systems have a certified class 4 rating. This is the highest hail rating, which means they can withstand the impact of large hail

Metal Roofing Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration

A seamless Metal Roof Restoration like this often carries a 12 year leak proof warranty and with proper maintenance can be refinished almost indefinitely.


Fabric Reinforced

Our Conklin Fabric Reinforced Fluid Applied Membrane system can be applied to nearly any roofing surface or contour. It is also one of the toughest systems we offer.


Foam & Coating

Spray Polyurethane Foam with Liquid Applied Membrane is the highest class of roofing available. It's white top layer reflects radiant heat while the closed cell foam provides superior insulation in summer and winter.


Epdm Restoration

EPDM roofs can even be restored with our EPDM compatible Restoration System. Keep roofing materials out of the landfills and avoid interruptions to your business by restoring your EPDM Roof.

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